CHECKY pro/lite

CHECKY pro/lite

The most beautiful checklist !

Feed a Dog

Turn off the Stove

Pizza Warming-up for 3 min

Brew Coffee for 10 min


This app is made for my wife who forget sometimes to turn off the gas the stove :-)

Are you a forgetful person?

This app helps you check your key actions that you have to do now. CHECKY wants give you the tools to avoid being in trouble in your life. If you can’t remember whether or not we've turned off the stove, heater, iron, etc. you can check them with CHECKY before leaving home. And also, if you want to follow cooking steps in the recipe, CHECKY will make it easier and faster with multiple timers


  • Beautiful & clean interface with animations & sound effects
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Intuitive controls for quick configuration
  • Run 20 timers simultaneously
  • Times by one hundredth of a second
  • Provide various icons

Here’s how people are using CHECKY every single day

  • Check important matters before leaving home
  • Check to-do list in your daily routine
  • Time your dishes in the kitchen
  • Check cooking steps in the recipe
  • Yoga or fitness timer
  • Remember to take pills

…and so much more!